Jack Herer

10% THC - Pure Sativa

Sticky, leafy and mild, this is a great strain for beginners

Cherry Pie #1

14.4% THC - Indica Hybrid

A true classic.  Despite the Indica, this strain is quite light



50mg THC - Sativa

Just 10mg each,

perfect for microdosing

Bootlegger Extracts

Big Smooth

82% THC - Sativa

1g of pure Oklahoma shatter


Gold Leaf

12% THC - Sativa Hybrid

A sleepy Sativa, blended with a bit of Indica

OG Glue

13% THC - Indica Hybrid

A mild, aromatic strain with a smooth, mild smoke



500mg THC - Sativa

These carts are all sativa-based and come in several strains

Secret Nature

Artisan CBD Vapes

500mg CBD - Sativa

Half-gram carts available in both Sativa and Indica

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