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Getting a Card

Thinking of getting a card, but are unsure of what to expect?

Find a Doctor

Ask your medical professional if they are open to writing recommendations for an MMJ card. Some doctors will be open to this, but others won’t be, especially if they work for a place like Mercy, who has come out explicitly against medical marijuana (research this). If your primary care doctor isn’t open to writing a recommendation (or you don’t have a primary care physician) you can look for green friendly doctors nearby. Some close to us are Green Hope Wellness (link) or you can look at this website that connects patients with doctors near them (put that one that tried to sell us ad space).

Prepare for your appointment

Make sure to fill out all of your paperwork before showing up to your appointment. Many places have forms online that you can print out beforehand. This will help expedite your appointment process. Additionally, if you plan to have the doctor’s office help you process your OMMA application, many request that you have an account setup on the website beforehand. This could save you time and money. Having difficulty registering on OMMA? Ask a tech savvy friend to help or visit your local library for additional assistance.

Be prepared to give medical history

Most doctors will ask your primary complaint and also want insight into your medical history. Not all doctors require you to send your medical records, but make sure to be open and honest about your medical history. Oklahoma does not have a list of qualifying conditions, so doctors are looking for issues that they think they could alleviate your symptoms. Even if your main issue is chronic back pain, make sure you mention if you’ve struggled with things like migraines, anxiety, Chrohn’s disease, or a variety of other health issues that MMJ may help alleviate. These things are all important and will help your doctor feel more comfortable writing your recommendation.

Apply for an MMJ card on OMMA

· Physicians Reccomendation Form - This is the form that your doctor will sign. Make sure that all of the words are written out (no abbreviations) and that you apply within 30 days of the doctor signing your form.

· Digital photo – You will need to take this picture on a white or off-white background. You must have a neutral facial expression, with no teeth showing. The top of your head and shoulders will need to be visible. Make to use an original digital photo, not take a picture of a physical photo, as this will cause the photo to be blurry and will likely result in a rejection.

· Proof of Identity – This can be a driver’s license, passport, or tribal ID. If you are using your driver’s license, make sure to include an image of the front AND back of your license.

· Proof of Residency – This can be a driver’s license, voter ID card, lease agreement, utility beed, or residential propery deed.

· A digital payment of $100 or $22 for those on Medicare and Medicaid. You’ll need a debit/credit card or a prepaid credit card for this step in the process.

· OMMA has a full checklist for all needed items with more detail.

Patiently Wait

Generally patients can expect to wait up to 2 weeks for their cards. Usually after receiving their approval email, it’s around 3-4 days before it arrives in the mail. Once you get your card in the mail, you’re able to purchase from any licensed dispensary in the state of Oklahoma.

New to dispensaries?

Here’s a handy guide on what to expect!

Find a dispensary

Weedmaps, leafly, google, etc

Have your OMMA card handy.

Your driver’s license is helpful. It’s not required but makes for a quicker intake process. Dipsensaries often build patient profiles to offer shopping incentives and get a better idea of what their customers actually like in order to stock the best possible product. Most dispensaries will only ask to see your license once, afterward you’ll only need to show your OMMA card.

Go behind closed doors

Often dispensaries will have their THC products behind a locked door you are invited to enter after being checked in. It can feel a little intimidating, but this allows an extra layer of security and a little bit of privacy for the patient.

Take in the options

Once you’re in the THC den, it is likely that you will see many wares displayed for sale. Many places have “smell jars” available for patients to smell the flower product and see firsthand what products are available. Many dispensaries will have a wide range of intake options – flower, concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, tinctures, and balms. It can be overwhelming! That’s where a good budtender will make a world of difference.

Talk to a budtender

Much like a tour guide, a budtender can direct you to what is the best fit for you and your needs. Good tenders will be able to explain the different intake methods and help you navigate what will be the best for you. Feel free to ask questions and expect answers that take your personal experiences into account.

Higher THC doesn’t always mean better

Not all intake methods will get you high

Bring cash

Because of federal legalities, taking credit cards becomes very complicated. Therefore, nearly all dispensaries are cash only for THC products. While many have ATMs onsite, it is often easier and cheaper to prepare in advance and come with cash.

Leave a review

Did a budtender help you find exactly what you needed? Were they friendly and helpful with great prodcut? If so, they’d love to hear about it. If you used Leafly or Weedmaps, it was likely good reviews that brought you there in the first place, so keep the good vibes flowing and tell everyone about your experience!

Enjoy the relief

Go home, get comfortable, and partake in sweet relief.

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