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I had two brownies, and then…

Edibles. Everyone has a story. Whether it’s about how they once ate a whole plate of brownies with no effect, or about that one little gummy that knocked them out all night, most people already have strong opinions about these weed-infused treats.

But what if you’ve never had an edible before? What are your options? How is the cannabis content measured? How do you know if you’ve taken too much, or not enough? Have no fear! Green Mesa Dispensary was founded on the idea of bringing knowledge to the patients, and that’s what this article aims to do.

Start Low, Go Slow

These wise words should be the mantra of every edible user. Especially if you are new to it, we cannot suggest a better way to get started. Most edible horror stories come from folks eating way more than they were ready for, or not entirely understanding how much they were ingesting. In today’s regulated, well-labelled market, this never has to be your experience! With any type of edible, we recommend choosing the lowest strength first, and don’t be afraid to cut that thing in half! You can reduce the amount of THC you ingest by simply cutting your edible into halves or quarters.

Time is also a factor. One of the reasons that edibles hit so hard is that the active ingredient passes through the liver, which allows for much greater bonding to the fat cells of the body, and so the THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) is able to stick around a lot longer. However, this also means that it takes much longer than smoking for the effects to become noticeable. While a joint might start making you feel buzzed within a few minutes, even a fast-acting edible can take up to 45-60 minutes to manifest, and may not reach peak effect for as much as two hours after ingestion.

So, what am I eating?

Most edibles on the market that contain THC were made by following the normal recipe for, say, a brownie and then substituting cannabis-infused butter or coconut oil, which is in turn made by simmering a quantity of cannabis along with regular butter, and then straining out the plant material. Some of the candies, gummies and other non-baked items may use THC distillate, which you can find out more about here.

Additionally, terms like Indica and Sativa don’t often apply to edibles. Most of these products are made with a concentrated form of cannabis oil, which is usually extracted from the trim leaves (or shake) that is left over when growers trim their plants. There’s nothing wrong with these “sugar leaves”, as they are just as potent as the buds, but the process results in trim from many different plants being brought together to make the concentrate. In the end, only a few companies keep track of this and can offer edibles that are definitely Sativa or Indica. These products will usually be clearly marked, and if you don’t see any indication one way or the other, it’s safe to assume that the product is a mixture of the two,

PRO-TIP: When looking at edibles like candy and gummies, if the product is cloudy, it was probably made with a coconut-oil or butter base, but if the product is translucent or clear, it may contain a more pure distillate and will probably be a little more potent.

What Are All These Numbers?

Whenever you ask a dispensary about their edibles, they will often give you the same information: “This one has 50 milligrams, and that one has 150mg”, etc. What is it made from? Is it gluten free? What about diabetic-friendly options? Often, these are questions that budtenders don’t have answers to, and the reason for this is that in the world of cannabis edibles, the humble milligram is king. Abbreviated most often to simply “mg”, milligrams per unit is how we measure an edibles potency, or potential altering effect.

Simply put, the lower the milligrams in an edible, the less potent it will be. Because all people, and many manufacturing processes are different, it should be said that a 10mg gummy won’t have the exact same effect on two people, but it is usually a good rule of thumb for knowing what you’re getting into. Here’s a quick rundown of the common strengths

● 3-10mg – Very low, great for those new to edibles. Can also provide long-lasting relief to pain and anxiety while not causing an overly-drowsy or “high” feeling.

● 10-50mg – Mid-range dose, good for semi-experienced patients or those looking for a little more effective pain relief. This range is all great for layering with other intake methods to help achieve a medically therapeutic dose

● 50-150mg – These are the highest dosages you’ll usually see among popular edibles types, and are best for those looking to get locked into the couch for a while, or who have an otherwise very high tolerance. Be wary! These products are the type most often associated with the “way too high” side of edible stories.

● 150mg and Up – These edibles are not for the faint of heart! On the market today, one can easily find edibles in the 500, 1000 and 2000mg ranges. Some of these guys contain as much cannabis as two to four joints! For cosmonauts only.

So much sugar!

The vast majority of edibles found on the market today are some form of sweet treat, from brownies, and suckers, to gummies and candy, it seems like there’s no options for folks who would prefer less sugar, whether it be for a medical condition, or just because they want to be healthier.

Thankfully, today’s market is full of people who understand this, and the products we see have been steadily leaning toward healthier, and even gluten-free options! Green Mesa Dispensary carries a line of products from White Rabbit, including canna-butter bunnies, infused olive oil and various honey and peanut butters from Creekside Extractions which have little or no gluten and are vegan friendly. The canna-butter can be used in baking, or melted on some toast, or even as a delicious topping for corn or lobster. The infused olive oil is seasoned and has nearly endless savory possibilities. Come into Green Mesa and let us walk you through the many choices we have.


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