Sage Farms

Mint Tincture

128mg THC - Indica

A strong tincture, suspended in a delicious, minty solution

Gruene Cross

Water-Soluble CBD

300mg CBD

Add to any liquid for

a CBD-infused drink!

Nature's Key

Chocolate Bars

50mg THC

Available in Milk, White and Dark Chocolate,

Cookies n' Cream

and Salted Caramel Praline!

Gruene Cross

CBD oil

250 or 500mg CBD

Available in hemp-seed oil

and MCT formulas

Gruene Cross

CBD Gummies

750mg CBD

Just 25mg CBD per gummy, great for discreet relief

Simple Cure & Mr. Mack's Edibles

10 to 100mg THC

Available in a variety of styles, flavors and THC content, there's something for everyone

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